Imprint Colour

I just want to thank you so much for your help with the flyers last week, I came into the shop this morning and saw them all displayed at the till points, which is great to see! You've been incredible every time I've used you within various projects.

Imprint has been printing since 1982, we are a family business, we have grown and become known by our clients as providing service, value and fairness. In 2009 we were rebranded Imprint Colour Ltd, more accurately reflecting the trend towards colour printing. Now with digital print technology having colour is more affordable than ever.

We have high tech litho and the latest digital presses. Infact in 2013 we added a Ricoh C901+ digital colour press to our arsenal, it prints fantastic litho like colour at fully rated speeds and supports double sided printing up to 350gsm, it will even handle 400gsm Board. With our array of modern equipment we're able to give our clients best value.