Leaflet Distribution UK

Our leaflet distribution company provides clients with reliable, carefully checked, leaflet and flyer delivery at very reasonable rates. We can guarantee all your leaflets will reach doors. We have delivered flyers since 2004, doing many millions of them.

As an experienced leaflet delivery company, potential staff are carefully screened before being considered for an interview. We are aware of the pitfalls that could be made. New distribution staff are trained in numerous aspects of leaflet delivery, such as not putting their hand through a letterbox if there is a mailbox on the wall, as it is highly likely there is a dog there which will chew post and anything else that comes through the letterbox! Our leafleters must submit delivery reports for each drop they do, detailing every single street covered. This is checked before they are paid and they are aware of this. Most of our leafleters have worked for us for a long time and so have a proven, stable track record.