The Private Postman

The Private Postman.

Welcome to The Private Postman - the premier company for leaflet distribution in London, founded in 2009 by former Royal-Mail postman Mark Redmond.

We use our own bespoke mapping system that includes only residential addresses and automatically excludes local authority, council properties and undeliverable areas, giving you the most accurate numbers in the industry. We were also the very first company to utilise GPS tracking for flyer delivery, and have successfully worked with some of the biggest names you’ll come across, including the NHS and the Arctic Monkeys.

That said, we also offer a highly personal service to clients of all sizes, and The Private Postman covers all requirements for leaflet distribution in London around the most famous postcodes in the North, North West, West, South and South West of the area.
Our expertly-trained Private Postmen now deliver over 30 million leaflets a year, and we’re always looking to improve, with our Postmen undergoing careful training to offer the best possible service.

Many of London’s affluent postcodes tend to be physically challenging and time consuming to cover with a targeted flyer distribution strategy. To counteract this hurdle, our Private Postmen earn more than double the industry standard. This makes our team of Private Postmen the most effective and reliable distributors in the business, so you can depend on them to deliver what you need, every time.