How to Properly Distribute Leaflets

Distributing leaflets could be a very inexpensive and very efficient at the same time advertising strategy for your business. Indeed, leaflets and flyers are among the most cost-effective types of advertising out there and every type of business in every industry can benefit from it. However, you cannot expect to just print out the leaflets and have them handed out to random people and achieve your goals by that. Because distribution of leaflets should be done in a smart and proper way so it can have the effect you are hoping for. This article will help you to establish such efficient leaflet distribution strategy.

Common Ways for Leaflet Distribution

In case you are not distributing the leaflets internally, the first thing you need to do is choosing the right distribution company to do that for you. Most of the service providers available on the market would offer one or all of the main distribution methods, including:

Door-to-door Distribution

This is the classic and most common way for distribution of flyers and leaflets, where the leaflets get to your clients in their letterboxes. Recent studies show that more than a half of the household occupants will read the leaflets they get through their mailboxes. Indeed, the door-to-door distribution method could be a very efficient one, however, you still need to consider a few aspects before you decide on this approach as the best one for your business. First off, think of location and do you want to target specific households, streets, or even houses for your business.

Make sure the leaflet distribution company you are working with offers a tailored to your needs and requirements service. Secondly, consider the cost of the service. Be aware that slightly cheaper payment plants often mean that your leaflets will be delivered with the leaflets of other companies and businesses. You may also consider the alternative option of distributing your leaflets inside free local newspapers and press issues that are already delivered to the houses in the area.

Face-to-face Distribution

Another very popular method for leaflet distribution is when the leaflets and flyers are directly handed to potential customers. This method could also turn out to be the most efficient for your business and advertising strategy, there are a few aspects you need to consider. First off, think of the right timing and location for distributing the leaflets. While this method does not provide you with the option to narrow down by targeting specific groups of people, it is assumed that anyone could be a potential customer of your business, therefore you want to cover as many people as possible.

A good way to do is choosing to have the leaflets distributed in town at the weekends when a lot of people are out and about. If you choose to do that during the weekdays, make sure to choose the location strategically, for example outside public transport hubs during rush hour, etc. Face-to-face distribution could come with an added bonus to benefit from. For example, distribution staff at some companies can give a little sales pitch or answer some additional questions while handling your leaflets, which is great for providing potential clients and customers with additional information about your business or current special deals and offers. You can also opt for having your leaflets distributed on special occasions. For example, you can select events that tend to be popular, liked and visited by your target audience.

Business-to-business Distribution

It all depends on your type of business and the products and services you are offering. However, keep in mind that sometimes delivering your leaflets directly to other business related to yours in a sense could make a lot more sense than having these advertising materials delivered to residential households. There are some aspects you want to consider for this method too. First things first, you can target the leaflets at people working in a particular industry or company or people who match a certain demographic. You can also opt for distributing your leaflets to public places visited by people who can potentially use your services and products too, such as libraries, doctor’s surgeries and offices, sports centers, etc. or to other businesses such as hair salons, car garages, record shops, some stores, etc.

Is a Permission Needed for Handing Out Leaflets?

There are some laws and regulations that you should consider if you want to distribute flyers and leaflets. These materials normally fall under Government’s classification of free printed materials. As so, you may need to apply for a license and therefore you may need to wear a badge when distributing leaflets and flyers. In addition, you may be required to pay a fee if you want to distribute leaflets at specific events. However, when it comes to community events, these fees may be reduced.

Where to Distribute Leaflets?

Across the country, different councils may have separate regulations concerning distributing leaflets and flyers. Visit the official website of the Government to learn more about all laws and regulations you want to be aware of around licensing and fees affecting your area.

When Permission Is Not Needed for Distributing Leaflets?

You don’t need a permission to distribute leaflets when you post them through letterboxes, when you hand them out inside a building, when you distribute leaflets for a charity, when you hand out political or religious materials.

How to Track the Success of Your Leaflet Distribution Campaign

Now, let’s say the campaign of distribution leaflets and flyers is finally over and you want to find out how successful it was and is it worth it. This can be evaluated if you make sure to keep track on the response rate from customers. You can use some of the methods below to measure that:

Special Offers and Discounts

There is a higher chance that your leaflets will be kept by people if you include a special offer, a discount coupon or a money-off promotion.

QR Codes and Unique URLs

You can also add a special QR code on your leaflet that will lead potential clients to a page on your website. This is easily help you track how many people have scanned the leaflet and responded to your call for further action. You can also add a unique URL that can be used only by those having the leaflet.

Phone Calls, Web Traffic, Social Interactions

Another good way to track the success of your leaflet advertising company is by checking if there is an increase in the number of interactions with the company after the leaflets have been distributed.